The Big Kitchen Remodel!

So the Van Gundy house has been busy, busy lately!  We recently finished our kitchen remodel… which was ONE YEAR in the making! I knew we would be doing a ton of the work ourselves (Drywall Hubby).

We have lived in our house 22 years and dreamed of a new kitchen for at least 15 of those years. We raised FOUR babies in our kitchen!

I painted our cabinets when my youngest was two.  The cabinets I loved were structurally falling apart. We had reinforced almost every drawer…The old linoleum flooring that looked so shiny and new when we moved in was peeling up on the seams and completely dull and lifeless. We couldn’t bring ourselves to replace the floor because we knew the cabinets were in such bad shape. We just knew the funds weren’t there so we just patiently waited…

In the meantime the children grew older..they graduated high school…they went to college…they got married…they had my grandbabies…so we just kept patiently waiting..

Then one day Drywall Hubby was doing some work in a kitchen remodel and the homeowners were throwing out their old cabinets. These were very high end Bertch brand cabinets!  Bertch brand cabinetry are extremely well made and I would highly recommend them to anyone replacing!  So anyway, Drywall Hubby brought them home.  Now,  I must say,  at first look I wasn’t impressed…they were dark oak with a heavy grain…they had kind of a dated profile. Making all new doors and drawer fronts was not in the budget so I would have to make it work…and make it work I did!


The next thing I know, Drywall Hubby inlisted the sons to help with the demo.  It was messy!  You see…we have plaster walls which means that the wallboard has metal lath in it.  It’s a lot more difficult than Sheetrock to remove because you have to cut the metal lath..and you get cut..a lot.   I knew we were doing this… but I didn’t know we were starting right then!  I hadn’t even got everything cleaned out of the cabinets!  This is kinda how drywall hubby rolls, so I just gotta roll right along with him…

All the demo was so messy!

 Since the windows in the kitchen were 50 years old, they had to be ripped out in order to reframe for new ones, and we ripped out a wall in to the dining room.  Did I mention we also took area from the attached garage and added a pantry?


So once we got everything demoed, ripped up, and gutted, we were on our way to the largest remodeling adventure of our 25 year marriage!


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