How we used OLD CABINETS to remodel our brand NEW KITCHEN!

Since we didn’t have the funds to spend tons of money on all new cabinets, we were super excited to find well built cabinets we could recycle.  They didn’t look all that great but the oak wood was in great shape and they were extremely well built.  No particle board on these babies!  We got busy and hung up two sets of cabinets on each side of the window.  The original sink was at the window and we decided to place the prep sink there.


Upper cabinets

We then added crown all the way around the kitchen and built headers around each of the upper cabinets to visually make them seem taller.  This also anchors them so they don’t feel like they are just “floating” on the wall.

There wasn’t enough pre-finished cabinets to go all the way around to the other side where my old breakfast nook was, so we had a corner unit custom made.  Since most cabinets are custom placed in a kitchen, the chances of having every piece fit perfectly in another kitchen is slim.  You will definitely have to have something custom made or buy a piece to fit the area.


Custom built corner cabinet

Drywall Hubby’s business partner at The Finished Edge and very good friend, Caleb Madison, built all of our custom cabinets.  He is AMAZING to say the least!  He matched all the profiles of the existing cabinetry we were using and made sure everything would fit like a glove in our space.


We got everything covered and I primed the cabinets and then painted all the bases in BM White Dove.  I almost always use lacquer on cabinets and I almost always spray cabinets.  Lacquer produces a beautiful fine furniture finish and is extremely durable.  I would definitely recommend spending the extra money and finding a cabinet painter that uses lacquer.  Yes, you can paint them yourself, but if your going to go to all this work, make sure they look good.  My friend Dana Tucker wrote a great blog post about why you should hire a decorative painter to paint your cabinets.  You will find the article HERE.

I am so in love with these cabinets!  I don’t feel at all like I have used cabinets in my kitchen or that the old and new don’t match. With the hiring of a great carpenter and a great cabinet painter 😉 you can have an awesome kitchen and still save a TON of money!





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