Why we removed a breakfast nook and added an island.

In our original kitchen and floor plan, we had a decently large farmhouse kitchen complete with a breakfast nook.  Now to the naked eye…my kitchen was huge.  Huge isn’t always good though.  Things need to be workable ya know?

One of these pictures is of my kitchen originally before I had painted them the first time.  Checkout that 1950’s Hotpoint stove with double oven and a built-in rotisserie.  Man was I disappointed when it finally gave out!

See how the fridge is actually located in the breakfast nook area?  That’s because in the 50’s when my house was built, fridges were a brand new thing.  Not to mention, they were super little!

On the other side of that fridge is the basement stairs and the garage entry.  The only way to get to the backyard is through the garage, so guess what that means…It means that every time one of my kiddos would come in from outside or downstairs they had to go past the fridge (hope it wasn’t open) and run directly through the middle of the kitchen.  I always had to look both ways before I picked up a pot of boiling spaghetti noodles to haul across the kitchen to drain at the sink!

Right at first Drywall Hubby and I weren’t sure exactly how to reconfigure the layout…Then when islands became popular a few years ago, we definitely knew that was the way to go.



As you can see, we removed everything on the original fridge and stove wall except for the new wall oven / microwave combo.  This makes for a great walk thru area for all the grandkidos.  If we are using the oven, you can always walk around the island the other way.  With the added barstools at the island, there is always plenty of room for everyone to sit and visit while I cook. It’s so much fun having everyone over and I’m so glad we decided to configure the kitchen this way!


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